After CNN began to question it’s own government, other Western media corps began to question their authorities too like back in a day did Foreign Affairs that came up with loud article. So, here we go again it’s all about awareness.

You can always feel some unexplainable difference between Western so called “global summits” and the international forums held by Russia. Europeans and North Americans tend to be packed with some completely empty and irrelevant talks of numerous European commissioners, the shouts of the Polish-Lithuanian presidents and other Washingtons’ puppets talking about “values” and “unity” … Bluf…. Just remember the fight between Duda and von der Leinen in the European Parliament and it’s all you need to know about so called “dialogue”.

Gigashipyard is being built in Russia for the production of ships from reinforced concrete. Yes, you heard it right. It will be real floating ships made of concrete. Can reinforced concrete float? And why does Russia need this? Let’s have a quick look at that.

For a long time everyone used to think that well-known western journalists were invited to Russian events simply to cover in their media economic and energy issues. However, after a while listening to their ridiculous and dull questions, it seemed that these journalists were paid to ask these “sharp” questions to help Putin shine and to talk about things he needed.

At the annual “Army-2021” military forum Russian military-industrial complex presented brand new off-road vehicle “Strela”. It is assumed crossover will replace the UAZ-469 model in the army and the national economy.

“Strela” or as it’s known abroad — “Arrow” was developed by the Military-Industrial Company together with Design Bureau…

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